Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Nature Effect

I've always had a fascination with plants and the environment around me. As a child I would pick flowers and crush flowers, I even had a massive book for identifying flowers which I would spend hours looking at and I still do. My Father and I loved gardening and we were very fortunate in the fact that we had a massive garden and so we had an acre of land which we would plant everything on. Unfortunately we no longer live there and we rent the house out and the new owners have let our beautiful garden go wild. I remember that as child I once went to the school fair and they were selling some shrubs. I went up to them and told them the names of all the plants that they had on their stall and they were shocked that 9 year old knew the names to so many plants so for me I know it has always been a very large part of my life.

For me nature I believe that nature is such a big part of everyone's happiness and that plants seem to make people so much happier. For a lot of people it's a subconscious thing because they only have a dying mint plant for the shops and that's the extent of their plants and these people don't realise or appreciate the beauty and happiness that plants and wildlife brings to them. For others, such as myself, whenever i go out i find myself observing and taking in every plant I see.

Why discuss plants? I just think that many people don't appreciate them and they fall into the former category. The beauty that plants are able to create is amazing and they form such a large part of the planet and we rely on them so much yet many seem to dismiss them, without plants we would not be alive.

I wrote this because I was sat on my terrace outside my house surrounded by many beautiful plants and recently I don't feel as though I have been appreciating them as much as I should. It may seem stupid because of course plants can't hear us but it is still good to knowing accept that plants, wildlife and nature surround us and by seeing accepting the beauty and the necessity of plants we can change our state of mind and obtain a more peaceful and calming state of mind.
All my love xxx

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What to do with 11 weeks (or Saturday a afternoon)

So here I am will 9.5 weeks ahead of me and having already wasted one of socializing I must now treasure the rest. So here are my aims for the summer and what I shall do when I find myself in bed staring into space and getting lost in my mind.

1- READ, I cannot tell you enough how amazing reading it because it truly is one of the best things

2- Sew, now this depends on the you but personally I adore sewing and think it is therapeutic

3- Knit, again not for everyone but I have to stop myself from staying up all night to knit because it is so obbesive

4- Paint, or draw just make something that allows you to observe what is around you

5- Walk, explore find somewhere you've never been and get your mind to see the world and see the beauty that surrounds us yet so many people ignore

6- GO ON YOUR PHONE LESS. This is something I am working on because for me it feels like a problem when you're on your phone for 8 hours a day. Know when to use your phone and when to just leave it and look around you.

People always say that they are bored and admittedly so do I but that's an attitude I am looking to change. If you are bored you are not trying. Bordem is no one's fault but your own, bordem stems from laziness and laziness stems from bordem. Don't get drawn into the vicious circle of bordem, cut the strings with it and let it know that it's not welcome back as this will directly result in your laziness decreasing.

Have an inspiring day and enjoy what you have xxx


So apparently I am alive. I can't remember the last time I posted on here but I do know that it was a long long time ago.

I believe I started the blog in 2014 but don't take my word for it (I just checked and it was august 2014). That's three years ago and I haven't written a blog post about in almost a year and a half. Therefore I have changed as a person significantly, even reading back on the last post I made I no longer listen to that msuic and I'm sure in 3 years I will have again changed music taste.

However when I talk of change I wasn't talking of just music taste. As a person I have changed, my outlook on life as a whole and my life has changed. I no longer fear death to the extent that I used to, however I still ponder upon useless information.

Maybe a less important but still significant is that I am now vegan, I won't talk about that now but I am vegan. I hear your sigh of hatred and fear of me trying to convince you to be vegan however I will not force anyone to become vegan so you can continue reading without fearing the "that chicken got raped, then they stole it's milk and now you are frying it you inhumane person" talk.

On a unrelated note I just finished my exams (well two weeks ago) so I now have the whole summer ahead of me to not socialise. I have many plans and few involve seeing people so hopefully I can return to school full of energy and ready to sleep though A-levels

So why have I returned then? Well I have 11 weeks - 2 weeks so 9 weeks ahead of me and so naturally I must find something to do and blogging seemed like a very good idea.

So I now leave you as despite it being the holidays I am trying to not go to bed at 3am. I failed last night due to me obessively tidying till 3:30am.

Enjoy your day and focus on the good not the bad xxxxx