Monday, 21 December 2015


Guess whose back? Yes it’s me Octavia; I took the last two days off as I have had a cold and I have been busy and tired and yea. Anyway as you can tell from the title of this post today I am going to share the rest of my holiday photos as I never actually shared them with you. Very different from the last set of photos which I was skiing in. Whereas in these photos I am now in 42°C/107°F (far too hot for a Brit like me) in Italy, so I hope you enjoy and I shall see you on the other side of the post.

Well that was fun looking back at that holiday it was also making me feel hot and glad to be living in England where it is currently 7°C/47°F (too hot) which is more my temperature at bit hot at times but it will do ;). I also I am very proud to say that I now own everyone’s Christmas presents and also a few presents for myself, exciting times with Octavia.
I shall see y’all tomorrow for another day of blogmas (it will actually be today as it is 12:34am right now)

Byeeeee Tavi xxxx

Thursday, 17 December 2015


 Hylô (hello in welsh) how are we all? I have swum 1km today and it has left me very tired, I am ready to go to sleep any second now. Lucky there is only one day left of school then it’s the holidays so I have something to be excited about. Although I have no one’s present and it is a real issue as people will have got me presents but I won’t have got them presents, so that may be awkward.

Anyway I am going to get onto todays post, which is a very belated post as I was having a little scroll though my blog posts and I am 99% sure that I never shared my skiing photos with you and I had such a good time skiing it one of my favourite sports, probably my favourite actually. So here are my skiing photos from April 2015…

Well I hope you liked those there weren’t actually too many so that’s good, I remember when I used to post like 150 photos, I make myself laugh sometimes. I shall see y’all tomorrow after I have broken up for the holidays.

Hwyl fawr (goodbye in Welsh)

Taviaaa xxx

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Dzień dobry(hello in Polish) I have just been climbing basically all evening and I’m now so tired and latterly want to sleep on my keyboard but I have mussed too many days so today I bring you a post. It may not make any sense but at least you get something. I want to write about scouts today because I am always doing stuff with them and go to a scout meeting 2 or 3 times a week plus the weekends sometimes, so I feel like I should share with you why I love scouts so much.

·         So I speak about this reason all the time but I have made so many new friends with scouts, I really want to do the world jamboree (a big scout meeting)because I love meeting new people who all have different perspectives on life and the way we look at things.
·         All of the expeditions that I get to do they are all so fun even though I get cold and wet I always have fun and the leaders put so much effort into the days to make them amazing.
·         It has given me so much confidence I will soon have to be young leader and help lead a group of small kids, which is so much responsibility but I’m still excited.
·         I can be myself not pretend to be some super girly girl or pretend to like things I don’t, not that I do that much, but I think to is important to feel confident in yourself and scouts has really helped me do that and helped me develop as a person
·         And most importantly it is where I have the most fun I get a weird hangover after scout camps where I feel really down and upset that they’re over.

I don’t know what else I can say to make you want to join scouts but really just do it you will not regret it, EVER. My experiences that I have with scouts will last with me for life and will probably be be a leader when I am older, it just has this lovely vibe around it which I never want to lose.
Anyway I shall see you tomorrow for a picture post xxx

punkt zdobyty fuksem (Goodbye in Polish)

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


(hello in Icelandic) sorry ended up not posting yesterday my Father decided to remove my laptop when I was brushing my teeth and so I never actually got round to posting it but oh well you have it now and you get two, you will probably (hopefully) get two tomorrow as well just so that I can catch up and also two on Thursday. Something very weird happened on this blog today, so I normally get 20ish views a say but today I have got 165 and I just kind of sat looking at my screen thinking who is reading my stuff. So please comment if you are reading because otherwise I get worried I may have a stalker. Anyway on to the post today and it is all the post that I started then never posted so prepare yourself for some cringe.

This one is called “As I see him Standing there”-

In year 8 (7th grade) I was having some serious friend problems which consisted of me being friends with many different people, this left me feeling insecure and not sure who to trust, so much so that when someone doesn’t  reply to my message I get panicky and worry that they hate me. I am now very attached to all of my friends who I trust, but that’s a whole other blog post about my life as a teenager. I am telling you my life story because this is when it all started. I began worrying about really stupid things and would come home from school crying.

Apparently I really hated my friends; this one is simply titled “friends”-

Friends, they support you, they talk to you, but most importantly they love you, but what if they don’t what if they don’t love you back? What if they are just there? Just another person?
aThen it hurts, hurts so much all you want to do is die, huddle up and die. Sometimes friendship just feels like a balloon, you can hold on to it for as long as you like but you have to take care of it, or it will pop and float away never to be seen again, but what happens when you’re protecting the balloon, but actually you’re only holding the string, the balloon has floated away. That’s how I feel at the moment, I always try to take care of things and find it hard to hurt anything, and if I do hurt something I will be like a broken disk stuck on saying sorry. Which is why my friendships last, or so I thought. Now I just feel like my friend has floated away and all I’m left with is the string that I’m supposed to use to try and tie everything up, fix what can’t be fixed.

So there are actually only two posts that I have written then never finished but I also want to give you a link to some of my favourite posts that I have written this year

Honestly I love these posts they remind me of when I wasn’t as confident and when I wasn’t the strong person that I have become. Anyway I hope you liked that throwback post.

Lots of love Tavia xxx

Bless( goodbye in icelandic) my favourite so far


Hello, how are we all, good I hope I have an English assessment tomorrow so that will go badly. Anyway I have just got hope from explorers and it is 10:00 so I am just going to do a quick post about Instagram, because it is a wonderful thing is it not? So here are my top 10 Instagram accounts that you should go follow (in no particular order)

1.   @scottcbakken
2.   @ballerinaproject_ (if you’re a dancer)
3.   @livingitrural
4.   @alliemtaylor
5.   @robstrok
6.   @griffinlamb
7.   @samuelelkins
8.   @littlegreenshed (fellow blogger)
9.   @lobsterandswan (also a blogger)

And so that is all of my favourite Instagram’s of 2015 I would recommend following them all as all of their accounts are great especially @abirdhouseofablog’s account. Actually I haven’t posted on there in 15 weeks so maybe I should do a lovely Christmas post.

Anyway, have a nice Tuesday tomorrow. Much love

Tavi xxxxx

Sunday, 13 December 2015


Hallå (hello in swedish) so yes, I may have disappeared, but I have been camping and doing homework so yes life goes on. Anyway it is definitely not the 11th today but I can’t just miss a day, so I will have to post two or three one day. As I was saying, I have been camping this weekend and so I thought that I would write about it.

So you all may think that camping in December is crazy but I go to scouts and they make me do all sorts of crazy stuff that makes me cold and smell of wood smoke. I am currently doing this thing called the “Dragon Camp Challenge” and we have to camp out once a month for one night, every month for 1 year, and so this month is December and that is why I am camping in December. Now when I saw camping I should really put some commas around the word “camping” as I wasn’t actually camping I was hammocking, and it wasn’t actually too bad I did also bring a tent as I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I didn’t actually go into the tent the whole time I was there #proud. We arrived where we were camping at about 3.00 after a long and hard walk of 9km so we only had 1 hour to set up everything which just about manged to do. Then there was the fire to start because if your camping in December it is advised that you make a fire, so that was done then we played some wide games (basically big games of hide and seek and stuff). And then disaster struck and we realised that it was raining, not little feeble drizzle proper rain, and so we all got soaked, always bring many clothes when camping in wet December, I think I got though 3 different pairs of trousers, 2 jackets and 5 tops, and that wasn’t enough. Overall I had an amazing weekend as always with scouts, and I am so excited to do the next camp so I will report back to you about that also.
Bit of a side note here but you must may now call me a hero as I have saved a sheep (I will put some picture in) we found Billy the sheep on our walk back and being the nice people we are we saved him and I hope that her is doing very well.

So I shall see you very soon, sending you all my love xxxxxx


Octavia xxxxxx

Thursday, 10 December 2015


नमस्ते (hello in Indian) How are you all? Today I have been to ballet and I have also done 30 lengths swimming, but this week is nearly over so I guess that is an upside. I’m going camping this weekend and everyone thinks I am mad to go camping in December but I am actually looking forward to it, and it’s not actually looking to cold I think it’s going to be 7°C so I will survive at least. I also have to tidy my room so that’s gonna be a bore (does anyone want a Christmas room tour?). Today I want to talk about Christmas day and what I do on Christmas day…

o   1 am- get in from midnight mass and go straight to bed
o   4-5 am: get woken up my Naomi my little sister
o   6-7 am: have to get out of bed as my sister keeps shouting at me, I then remember it’s Christmas day and get really excited
o   8 am: go back to bed, it’s far too early
o   8.01 am: release I can’t actually get back to sleep so go and examine the haul of this year’s presents
o   9 am: get banned from the living from because me and my sister won’t stop shaking all the presents
o   10 am: pick out one of the 10 outfits I will change into today
o   11 am: discover I’m hungry and so ask when breakfast will be ready, then discover it’s another two hours and so eat a mince pie instead. Also realise my family has done to church without me
o   1 pm: eventually eat brunch
o   2-4 pm: PRESENT TIME
o   4 pm: go on a walk with all of the family
o   6-8 pm: EAT
o   9 pm: play games and do other fun things which I really enjoy
o   Midnight: realise it’s all over and be very sad so I’ll pop off to bed

Hope you all enjoyed that I now really need to pop off to bed or I might die of exhaustion

अलविदा (goodbye in Indian)
Octynawa xxxx

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Olá (hello in Portuguese) I have had such a lovely evening with my friend Anya and have just got back so I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to give this one day a miss as it is late and I am tired. SORRY.

Sending you all my love, tchau (bye in Portuguese)
Tavi wavy xxx

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


こんにちは(hello in Japanese)today has been very tiring and feel like I might fall asleep any second soon, honestly if this appears half typed its because I just want it to be the weekend, I’m having a “Urg I can’t be asked” week. My friends made me crawl under the stage in drama today, they’re all so mean to me it was dusty and I think I might have found a dead mouse. On a nicer note I got a B in my biology which is bad but a lot better than I expected. Anyway onto the post which is about (as I write this I have no idea but I’m going to have a shower and come back with a good idea).

I’m back 24 minutes later and I’ve accidently given myself a cut on my ankle, giving love to razor blades right now, not. As it turns out my shower did not help me come up with any ideas so I’m just going to give you a quite post about…

DUOLINGO- which if didn’t already know is a site aimed to help you learn languages and just generally make you appear clever. I use it to help me improve my French as it is not my strongest subject, but I do enjoy it which is what matters. Anyway back on topic; Duolingo helps you set goals and see how well you are doing with your French (I am currently 23% fluent and level 5, almost 6) so go have a look and I’m going to stop talking as I just looked up and saw that I am rambling *whoops*.

So of you go to learn a language and of I go to revise for a maths test.
さようなら(bye in Japanese)
Taviaa xxxx

Monday, 7 December 2015


Salve (hello in Latin) I have had an excellent night with scouts, we went to laser quests and I may or may not like someone that goes to explorers, but nothing is being revealed there ;).

Today I am just going to give you a quick life update, so today I did a maths test which I most defiantly failed and I have another one on Wednesday I also got a D in chemistry and probably going to get a F in my biology tomorrow, at least I got an A* in my chemistry, right? Also I think I may have developed a small crush, but not so much of a crush more of a, “shit your hot” so overall not been a good half term. However I have watched mokingjay and omfg it is just so good, everything about it so good. The acting, the cast and the actual screen play, so good. I am now mentally preparing myself for insurgent, god can’t cope with that ending kills me every time (if you don’t know what I’m talking about just go read the book). On another note I only have two weeks left of school and as much as I like seeing my friends at school G.C.S.Es are so much work, like I actually need to revise I have never properly revised in my life, oh well there’s a first for everything I suppose.

Anyway hope that you have had a good half term or semester, see y’all tomorrow.

Vale (bye in Latin)

Tavi xxxx

Sunday, 6 December 2015


Здравствуйте (hello in Russian, weird one) once again how are you, as I am waiting for some photos to upload to the blog I thought I might as well write another post so that I am up to date again. I was just having a stalk of my own blog and I went right back to the first post I wrote in January and it was of course new year’s resolutions, in the post I write about how I wanted this year to be a happy one and I can honestly say that this year has been the best year ever. Just like any year it has its ups and downs but the downs haven’t been to low and the ups have been right up there in the sky.

I feel like this year has gone so quickly I can’t believe that next year I will be 15, 15. Gosh that seems so old, and I can’t believe that I am in year 10 I remember back when I was an ugly little year seven and the year 10s seemed like the biggest tallest people ever and now I am one (I do still yet scared by the six formers).
I think that the reason that this year has been so amazing is that I have met so many new and amazing people that have made this year special mainly through Scouts but also on my holidays. I would love to go back and relive those moments but I can’t so I will just have to make the most of the rest of this year. There is still one month left and I want to make this year have an amazing conclusion. My teachers are always telling me how important a good conclusion is even if the rest of your writing wasn’t very good they always tell me to have at least a good conclusion.
So if your year hasn’t been the best for whatever reason try and write yourself a good conclusion to this year that you can look back on and go “I wish I could do that again”

Sorry for being like a little rambling machine but I felt like this post tied in well with the last page.

Прощай (goodbye in Russian)
Octavia xxxx


Haloo (hello in Finnish) today you very lucky people will get two blogposts, 2 for the price of 1, because I am incapable of writing one post a day. Today I went for a lovely walk on the hills but my camera is still broken, because my mother dropped it in a river, so I couldn’t take any picture :( life ist nicht so gut. Anyway instead I am going to share some of my favourite photos from this year with you, If you have been here since forever and have read all my posts (which is no one) then you will have seen most of these but for all of those who haven’t here is my here in photos.

Well, well, well I hope that you enjoyed that and I also hope that there where not too many, that seems to be a bad habit of mine.

I shall see you in one posts time which may come out anytime between now and tomorrow ;).
For now Hyvästi (goodbye in Finnish)
Octavia xxxx