Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What to do with 11 weeks (or Saturday a afternoon)

So here I am will 9.5 weeks ahead of me and having already wasted one of socializing I must now treasure the rest. So here are my aims for the summer and what I shall do when I find myself in bed staring into space and getting lost in my mind.

1- READ, I cannot tell you enough how amazing reading it because it truly is one of the best things

2- Sew, now this depends on the you but personally I adore sewing and think it is therapeutic

3- Knit, again not for everyone but I have to stop myself from staying up all night to knit because it is so obbesive

4- Paint, or draw just make something that allows you to observe what is around you

5- Walk, explore find somewhere you've never been and get your mind to see the world and see the beauty that surrounds us yet so many people ignore

6- GO ON YOUR PHONE LESS. This is something I am working on because for me it feels like a problem when you're on your phone for 8 hours a day. Know when to use your phone and when to just leave it and look around you.

People always say that they are bored and admittedly so do I but that's an attitude I am looking to change. If you are bored you are not trying. Bordem is no one's fault but your own, bordem stems from laziness and laziness stems from bordem. Don't get drawn into the vicious circle of bordem, cut the strings with it and let it know that it's not welcome back as this will directly result in your laziness decreasing.

Have an inspiring day and enjoy what you have xxx