Friday, 20 March 2015

Bridges and churches

Hey, its Molly. So first, happy international day of happiness. Also, happy first day of spring.  And happy solar eclipse! We got out of class to watch the 'rare phenomenon' (in the words of my CDT teacher) and I looked at it full on - accidentally - for a second and saw pink crescent moons every time I blinked for a while after. Don't try it kids.

So here are some photos from a walk I went on recently. Enjoyyyyyyyy!

More of me getting blinded by the sun

This is actually a really old bridge, but you can't see
cos of all the leaves.

Blurry rocks cos yeah

My camera was freaking out at this point and the focus went
haywire, but it looked hella cool, so I took this photo.

we are the kids your mum warned you about...


Up the bridge

On the bridge

Down the bridge

You can just see my brother being a squirrel behind this tree

Shadow pics, because I'm a cool kid
So there's that.... Ok. that was just a little post because I wanted to post. I promise the next one I do won't be a photo post, cos I know I've done a lot of them recently.

Right then, Byeeee xox

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy mother's day!

Hey it's Molly..... My weekend has been not too eventful, I had orchestra practice yesterday (3 hours of it) and today I was in town trying to find a black shirt because apparently I can't wear a white one for the performance thingy (for orchestra), and I'm really wishing I never agreed to go to orchestra in the first place.
Property of Google doodles

So happy mother's day to everyone out there. I woke up to Google reminding me that baby tigers are all you need in this crazy world (wait for the tiger, its vv. cute) and then made my mum cupcakes, which I am about to show you... There is no recipe, so I'm not doing that... I'm so badass that I don't need a recipe. Enjoy!

Basically I made cupcakes - the reason I don't need a recipe is that I have a shortcut to actually measuring things out. What you do is weigh three eggs, and then the weight of that - mine today was 198 grams - is the same amount of flour, sugar and butter you put in. So you get equal quantities. I also put in some vanilla essence, just because I can ;)

Then I made like a ton of icing and sorted it into six bowls and put food colouring in each one. then I sort of dripped the icing on in lines and it made a crazy rainbow pattern.

Then I decided to mix up the rest of the icing JUST BECAUSE

So yeahhhhhhhhh.

Friday, 13 March 2015


I feel disconnected. Disconnected from the people I thought loved me. I feel like they have pulled me out of our friendship, like a phone charger, and now there’s only so long before I'm going to shut down with the pain.

We all have friendships that change; we all have experienced the loss of a friend. There is only one thing worse than this. That’s thinking that they loved you only to find out that they don’t, that you where the one doing the loving not them.

I always thought of myself as a “people pleaser”; I always thought I did that job quite well, apparently not, apparently it’s hard to please people, but I didn’t realise that until I found out the hard way. I found out slowly then all at once, I also seem to have lost all my friends slowly, then all at once. People always say that patience fixes things, but I have been patient and nothing has changed, all that’s changed is that I have become less trusting of people that I once trusted. People that I loved; now I can’t. How can I trust and love people, if all around me people are falling because of my trust. Trust is not an object it’s a rare object best viewed in a museum with a “Do not touch”, sign; “it will do you more harm than good”. I'm not saying trust is bad; just don’t put your trust in the wrong people, only trust the people you really can trust.

That’s where I went wrong; I trusted the people I was told not to trust by the people I do trust. It is a mistake I shall never make again, one I don’t want to make again; and make sure you don’t make it.

Hello, hope you liked that, I just really needed to get that out, and tell someone, so I thought I would tell you, so I can help both of us. Anyway, hope you all have a fabby weekend.

Octavia xxx

Friday, 6 March 2015

Take to the hills, Take your self away

Heya, Octavia here today, I went on a last weekend and I just thought that I would share them with you. I went to some crazy extents to get these photos, I climbed up a tree at one point and at another point I found myself climbing a cliff, crazy. I have a little thing to say at the end so stay tuned for that, and enjoy the photos.

So I hoped you liked that, I really enjoyed getting back into the vibes of photography as I haven’t done anything with my camera for a while.

So my “little thing” is that I have been talking to someone I met on Instagram, and we are thing about doing a collab kind of thing, so make sure you check that out when it comes. Also I have a more wordy post for next week so if you like those posts more keep your eyes peeled for that.

Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend; I am planning on staying in and doing French and geography homework, fun, fun, fun.

bye, bye Tavi xxxxx