Wednesday, 10 September 2014

making (chocolate) shortbread!

Hello people of the wonderful world, you are now about to experience my awful skills that I have at writing recipes, enjoy!!!

You will be needing:
100g flour
25g cocoa powder
100g butter
50g sugar
50g chocolate (I used minstrels and maltesters, but normal chocolate will do)
The zest of 1 orange
if you are unsure how to zest a orange use this bit of any grater and just grate it like you would with cheese


Set the oven to 180c, then line a tray with baking paper (I've lined it with a Silicone thingy but you can do it with whatever you like).

Put all of your ingredients in your bowl then mix together (I forgot to add the cocoa powder so I added it later.) If your butter is hard DO NOT MELT IT, or add water or any other liquid as this will turn them to splodge and that is not the aim of today, but after using this recipe you might have splodge any way.

next take small tablespoon sized bits of the dough and roll it in too balls and put on to the baking tray, this mixture makes 12ish so that gives you a guide of the kind of size to make them. When they are on the tray flatten them into circles like this:

They should then be cook it the oven for 10-15 mins or until softish hardish, then let them cool and eat!!!!!

Thank you for reading people of the world that now probably have some soggy splodgy shortbread in their kitchen (I did warn you.) I also should mention I have enlisted my good friend ***** to join me on my journey to writing blogs.