Monday, 17 November 2014

My Mid-Month Favourites

Hola, how has your day been today? I have been extremely tired after spending 18 hours walking 24 miles and only getting 12 hours sleep, but other than that and my excessive amount of homework I am good. I felt like writing a favourites post because I have never done one and I have loads of stuff that I have been enjoying recently do I thought I would do a mid-month favourites, I hope y’all all enjoy and here is my mid-month favourites.
So let’s get straight in there with a book, this book is so good and I have a SUPER long book review (1,316 word to be exact) that no one would ever want to read, anyway I am not even going to try to summarise this book but it is a must read for everyone. I will say that it may be a good idea to re-read it because it is a bit confusing and I did have to read certain chapters about 3 or 4 times in order to understand it, but it is one of the best books I have ever read, and I’ve read A LOT of books

This concealer is reviewed so many times and I did love it very much but I very annoyingly got it in the wrong colour so I can’t give you a proper review but it has still managed to creep into my favourites. I did really like this and it was ok in the summer when my skin doesn’t look like a ghost and has a slight tan, it also like it says is “lasting perfection” because it lasts the whole day when I do where it. I used my bobby brown eyeshadow brush to blend this out, because why not, and it did blend very well. I shall be buying this again as I have nearly run out but this time in the right colour.

I can’t remember buying this mascara but when I went to get the link I discovered it was very very reasonably priced for the quality, I tend to find waterproof mascara is more expensive than non-water proof mascara and also waterproof mascara can be clumpier but this mascara was surprisingly smooth and not clumpy at all. Another must buy if you not have a huge budget.
These two nail varnishes I am going to write a joint review because I always wear them together the Revlon one as an overcoat then the Jack Wills one as a base coat, I only recently discovered this combo but it so so pretty and very wintery. I annoying have discovered that Jack Wills no longer do nail varnish so I did some searching and found this gift set which is not only really cute but would also be a fab Christmas present (CHRISTAMSSSS EEEE). The actual quality of the nail varnish is very good and the only minus of the jack wills one is that is very weirdly pigmented so that it stains my nails but I can cope with that.
This another product that I have no idea where I got it from, probably around the house knowing me, but it is very good and at this time of the month where my lips become ridiculously chapped it is a essential to my lips. I am going to say that this is not a super cheap lip product in my opinion, but neither is it super expensive I hope it will last me a little longer because I can only find it in America so I’ll just have to manage to save it.
I brought this about 2 years ago and just never used it but I have recently rediscovered it and I should probably actually get a new one because I recon it’s probably gone off. I not sure what other shops do this but it is basically a solid perfume in a little tube that looks like lip balm, it is also red so when I first got it I may have put it on my lips, whoops. It is a very bohemia smell from the 60’s which I love; it’s not particularly florally just a bit musty. I loving this smell for autumn/winter as it just what you want, it is a little bit sweet so if you don’t like sweet smells I am going to say that this smell is not for you.
I love lush a lot and they now have the Christmas stock in which excites me, because it Christmas and lush mixed together, which is my two favourite things ever. This bath bomb is very fizzy and I buy about 5 of them every year because I love them so much, it is a little bit of a smaller bath bomb but it is just as good and will easily fill a whole bath with that lovely Christmassy spice smell that you want at Christmas (that is the fifth time I have said Christmas in this blogpost, I may be a little excited). Simply if you have a lush near you GO AND BUY THIS OR I WILL BUY IT FOR YOU.

My God-Sister was throwing these out because she was going to Uni and I she said I can have them if I like so I took them, being the hoarder I am and discovered that they are the best headphone ever. They aren’t stupidly priced but neither are they super cheap, but they are well worth the money that you can invest into them. The materials used for them are really nice and comfy in your ear; I actually managed to break the rubbery bit because I was fiddling with them so the ones here aren’t they originals. They also have a super bass (because you know I’m all about that bass) and the sound quietly is so good, they are pretty sound proof too which has its advantages and disadvantages.
Danke (I’m feeling very continental today) for reading, I hope you all enjoyed this blog, it may have been a bit longer than meant it to be but oh well. Keep an eye on the side bar thingy because you will see some changes to it as I have spent the last month designing little Pinterest, Tumblr and such logo and I am now done, I might write a blog post about that because why not.
Hope I have shown you some new products and that you know a little more about me and what enjoy.
Have very merry (Christmas) day, au revoir
Tavi and Molly xxxxxx