Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Inside of My Head....

Hey there, I wasn’t sure what to write about and I wasn’t really feeling like doing anything except reading and relaxing the last few days, but I was in bed last night thinking about everything,  and I thought about showing you the ideas I’ve had for my blog. I also want to show you round my mind, aka my sketchbook, which is where I write down any thought that springs to mind. No matter how ridiculous it may seem to me, every idea counts and it can always be down scaled. Hope you love it bit of a filler while I’m just getting my happiness levels back up to tip toppedy conditions.  

Hope you liked it I want to know your opinions because I don’t want to keep the liberty print as it’s not my own work and as a rule (to myself) I only ever use photos drawn, taken or made by me to put on my blog. Otherwise it’s not my blog it’s also those people with the pictures blog. I am struggling to really pick something that I really love and just think “that is perfect”.  I’ll probably play with some more paint tomorrow as I try to perfect something that in my mind I just can’t get right.
I love you lots and lots me and my friend are working together and were thinking of all the stuff that needs down, there’s out there a lot. Any way that can be done another day, for now I am going to go to sleep and leave you with this unusual blog post xxxxxx.