Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy mother's day!

Hey it's Molly..... My weekend has been not too eventful, I had orchestra practice yesterday (3 hours of it) and today I was in town trying to find a black shirt because apparently I can't wear a white one for the performance thingy (for orchestra), and I'm really wishing I never agreed to go to orchestra in the first place.
Property of Google doodles

So happy mother's day to everyone out there. I woke up to Google reminding me that baby tigers are all you need in this crazy world (wait for the tiger, its vv. cute) and then made my mum cupcakes, which I am about to show you... There is no recipe, so I'm not doing that... I'm so badass that I don't need a recipe. Enjoy!

Basically I made cupcakes - the reason I don't need a recipe is that I have a shortcut to actually measuring things out. What you do is weigh three eggs, and then the weight of that - mine today was 198 grams - is the same amount of flour, sugar and butter you put in. So you get equal quantities. I also put in some vanilla essence, just because I can ;)

Then I made like a ton of icing and sorted it into six bowls and put food colouring in each one. then I sort of dripped the icing on in lines and it made a crazy rainbow pattern.

Then I decided to mix up the rest of the icing JUST BECAUSE

So yeahhhhhhhhh.