Friday, 20 March 2015

Bridges and churches

Hey, its Molly. So first, happy international day of happiness. Also, happy first day of spring.  And happy solar eclipse! We got out of class to watch the 'rare phenomenon' (in the words of my CDT teacher) and I looked at it full on - accidentally - for a second and saw pink crescent moons every time I blinked for a while after. Don't try it kids.

So here are some photos from a walk I went on recently. Enjoyyyyyyyy!

More of me getting blinded by the sun

This is actually a really old bridge, but you can't see
cos of all the leaves.

Blurry rocks cos yeah

My camera was freaking out at this point and the focus went
haywire, but it looked hella cool, so I took this photo.

we are the kids your mum warned you about...


Up the bridge

On the bridge

Down the bridge

You can just see my brother being a squirrel behind this tree

Shadow pics, because I'm a cool kid
So there's that.... Ok. that was just a little post because I wanted to post. I promise the next one I do won't be a photo post, cos I know I've done a lot of them recently.

Right then, Byeeee xox