Friday, 18 September 2015

This Blog...

Heyy, it’s Octavia and I am very excited to tell you that it is now officially autumn. The leaves have started falling, it’s getting much colder and I’m wearing a scarf. Autumn is my favorite seasons because of the colours, I love all the browns, deep dark reds, maroons, I just love all of them the way that they remind me of a cozy night inside under a blanket, watching films. I also love the scents the way that it goes from the fresh scents of summer, to the warm, engulfing scents that make you want to just live in autumn (well at least it does for me).

This post isn’t going to be a bout autumn, because my camera has brokenL, so I am unable to take photos it is just going to be a briefing of what I have planned for you this autumn. Some of the main ideas that I’ve had is to give this blog a makeover because well its looking a bit on the sad side, and I’ve had this logo for a while, I’m pretty sure I know what I want to do  I just need to get Molly to answer her emails. As soon as I have a new camera I will probably post some baking stuff because you all seem to love my baking posts, and I love doing them and writing them. I’m obviously going to be posting my usual photos, but I may also spice things up a bit by doing some DIYs but I’m not 100% sure, only about 98%.

Anyway, nice short post for you all today, so I will probably see you all again this week, it just depends on my homework levels.
Love you all lots, Octavia xxx