Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A little bit of Happiness....

Hello, I’m back and it’s a 2016, I wish you all a happy new year and I hope that this year has gone well for you so far, and if you have made resolutions I hope that you have managed to stick with them, one more day and you can say you managed to keep it for a week and then there is only 51 weeks left. So you may have wondered where I disappeared to too, and honestly I just have been ridiculously busy doing homework and spending Christmas time with my family but I am now back and I want to give the blog a makeover and be more committed to the blog and give you more posts on a more regular basis.

Earlier on in the post I talked about New Year resolutions and I do think that they are important but I also think that people should be more honest with their new year’s resolutions. I think that a lot of people make not unrealistic resolutions as such more resolutions that will not benefit them and make them feel good all year round. Probably the most common new year’s resolutions is too be more healthy and do more exercise, and I don’t disagree with doing exercise I just think that people should not just think about themselves when writing there New Year’s resolutions. They should think about the people around them, the homeless man that they walk by every time they go to the gym, the people who started this year on a low thinking that no type of New Year’s resolutions would make things better or the people who will have to start a new year without a loved one. We all need a little help from everyone so this year as well as being happy make someone else’s day better.

This year give someone a little bit of happiness.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and enjoyed spending time with your family and celebrating the birth of Christ. I shall see you soon (hopefully)

Lots of love Tavi xxxx