Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Motivation- Hobbies

Guess whos back after far too long? Its Octavia, I have been gone for far too long and I apologise but I have had so much school work and Ive been busy pretty much every weekend since the year began. Mainly with scouts or school work, both of which seem to have taken over my life, scouts I enjoy school work not quite so much. Right now I have a whole sheet of maths questions and a 40 mark question to answer for drama, my teachers clearly love me very much. Anyway I didnt come here to talk about my school life I came here to talk about my after school life.

This time last year I did nothing after school at all, I just used to come home and sit in bed watching Netflix till I went to sleep, which made me feel very unfit and didnt give me any motivation to get out there and explore. I think everyone needs a hobby that they can do in there downtime so that they are not always attached to a screen and so that you can have some motivation do actually do other stuff as well. So firstly I am going to share what I do after school (in the summer term)-

-        3.00-4.00: athletics
-        5.00-6.15: Helping out at beavers
-        8.00-9.30: Explorers

-        3.00-7.30: sailing
-        9.00-9.30: swimming (depending on the amount of homework)

-        7.00-9.00: young leaders (every other week)
-        7.00-9.00: swimming (every other week)

-        6.00-7.00: ballet
-        7.00-8.00: swimming

-        7.00-9.00: swimming

So after writing that I have suddenly realised how much I do after school, I never realised I do so much. I may also be starting the flute again on a Wednesday or Friday so thatll add more to my week. I enjoy it all though and there is not one of those things I would give up. Im not suggesting you do all of these activities because youll end up like me with no social life but maybe pick one and do it every Monday. If you set it into you routine you can just fit everything else around it. Dont tell me you dont have enough time either because if you are reading this then you clearly have some extra time in your life.

Anyway I also want to talk to you about something else that I have just thought of and that is a monthly topic. Each month I will decide on a topic to focus all my blogposts around and you will hopefully get 4 of them a month, one rambley (like this one), one with photos, a creative post e.g. baking and a random post. Hopefully this will help me post more and have a more structured blog.

This months topic is motivation

Anyway I have now gone on for far too long, I shall see you all sometime next week (hopefully).

Much love Tavi xxx
 (also I changed the text hopefully this is easier to read xx)