Sunday, 13 March 2016

Motavtion- The Calm Before the Storm

Hello there, how are you all? Hope you’re better than me this week I have just recovered from an awful cold only to get a weird stomach, oh well I’ll live there are people who are suffering worse than me. Despite the fact that tis weeks topic is motivation I have found it very hard to keep myself motivated this week as I have not been sleeping well and I have struggled to have enough energy to last me the whole day. I currently feel like I could pass out I am so tired and I’ve not even done any exercise today. For that reason I want to share some calming for those moment is life when you just feel like sleeping away your problems you are so stressed. This week I have three exams and I haven’t revised for any off them because I’ve been doing homework so I made this playlist to put on when it all gets a bit much and I can just want to disappear for half an hour.

-        “Never be like you”- Flume, Kai
-        “Rumour Will”- Rudimental
-        “Retrograde”- James Blake
-        “What about us”- Flume, Chet Faker
-        “Warm Thoughts”- Flume
-        “Drop the Game”- Flume, Chet Faker
-        “Loud Places”- Jamie xx, Romy
-        “Bad Blood”- NAO
-        “The Journey”- Tom Misch
-        “Love for That”- Mura Masa, Shura

Or view the playlist here

This isn’t going to make you feel motivated but sometimes it’s important to take a break and relax, motivation is good but everything is good in variation. Sometimes there needs to be a calm before the storm.

Sorry it’s so short but this week has been so stressful and the week coming is not going to be any less stressful.

Sleep well (if you are going to sleep like me) or have a good day (if you have just woken up)

Tavi xxx