Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Guess What I Found?

Heyy, Octavia here, so I today I have a very light hearted post after the last few. I do have some more like that on the way but they take more time and yea time is not something I have when I have just discovered pretty little liars, so good, it is my new obsession. Today I am just posting some old photos I found, all of them are by me except the ones of me. ENJOYY.

spot the Octavia

found the next two photos and they just made me laugh

 I hope you enjoyed that, I liked looking through all the photos it was very fun too look back as these were from June so I couldn’t remember any of them. The photos aren’t very good sorry but I just thought they were quite sweet especially the ones of my little sister.
Next week will probably have a more serious topic if you like I do like writing them so let me know if you like reading them.
Bye, bye Octavia xx