Thursday, 26 February 2015

London Trip

Hey guys, it's Molly. So over the mid term break, I was in London. It was a quick four day trip, but it was the first time I've ever been and I loved it. So now I have a lotttttt of pics for this..... Not as many as Tavi sometimes posts, but quite a lot all the same.

So here, enjoy!

P.S. All pics are mine, except the first two which are courtesy of my bro. He says hi.
Always looking classy, me.

Camera shy


The Shard again, from the Monument
of the Fire of London. There were 311
steps in the monument. We were
gonna go up the Shard, but £100
is a bit much for a view.

The Walkie-Talkie - Who named
all these buildings?

View from Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath


Kids playing with a bouncy ball at the Tate Modern.
They came up and asked me if I wanted to play. It was

St Paul's

This is dramatic

idk where this was

This is dramatic too

And dramatic Big Ben in the distance.

Downing Street

Dramatic security camera that I
didn't notice till I'd taken the photo

No, I didn't meet the Queen

Meet the cat of my mum's friends who live
in London

I need to stop adding captions


London Eye

Mum was too scared to look down.
I wasn't.

Dramatic view.

I had a great time in London, and I can't wait to go again, since there was so much to see and hardly any time to do it.

It took me like two hours to do this post, (The computer sent my photos off to God knows where and my dad had to come retrieve them)  two hours that I was constantly thinking about the new cliffhanger ending in Pretty Little Liars (WATCH IT. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE) so I hope you liked it.


Molly xox