Sunday, 22 February 2015

spring/winter/tumblr room tour

Hello my lovely readers, Octavia here today, and I have been so busy with homework and being away that I have not wrote a blogpost in about 3 weeks *whoops*, but I am here now and ready to give you some inspiration on how to get a “Tumblr” room. The reason I am doing this is because my friends always say my room’s really “Tumblr” and I get what they mean in a way but I also don’t. Anyway I don’t really get Tumblr or use it but I am still going to be giving you not only a little look round my room but also some inspiration, enjoy.

oh hey there :)

So I hope you enjoyed that and found it very use full, because I put quite a lot of effort into waiting for the right lighting ;). I have done some of these before an autumn one and a Christmas one so if you have been around for a while you may or may not remember them.

I was also wondering if I should start editing my photos or if you just like them natural. Anyway I shall see you next week with possibly a more wordy post it just depends on my life.

Octavia xxxx