Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Current Favourites

Bonjour, I hope all of you are doing well, and are having/had a Fab Easter. I am currently on a bus on my way to the airport (it’s 5.00 in the morning) as I'm going skiing tomorrow, so Molly will be the one posting the post but I (Octavia) am writing it.

Today I am going to be doing a favourite’s post and you could call it April favourite’s but that would be lying as I have been meaning to do this post since February, so let's call it recent favourites. Anyway I have rambled for too long now let's nice on to the actual post.

In my last favourite’s post I was using a different mascara which I no longer use, and when I went to buy a new one this was on offer so I picked it up and I love it so much. It gives me long, separate lashes that stay in all day. The only fault is that it can be a bit clumpy but other than that I love it.

I have also been using something else to take my makeup off at night; I can't even remember what I was using before, something. Anyway back on to the point I love this so much and it is actually very good for you as it is organic. If you are looking for some nice skin care products Neal's yard is great, although quite pricey, my mum sells them so she gives me the products but most of them aren't in my price range. Urg I'm rambling again, it's a very bad habit, and anyway as I was saying this stuff has done miracles for my skin and I love it A LOT.

 I wrote about this in my last favourites post that I did, and it is the collection lasting perfection concealer, so rather than write a whole paragraph about a product I have already wrote about I am just going to send you there via THIS link. (Click on “THIS” is you want to read itJ)

This is the final beauty product that I am going to be writing about, and probably my favourite my far. This is my perfume; there is a story behind this perfume which I am going to shorten by saying that I bought it in Switzerland, which is only a bit of a problem as I have no idea where in Switzerland. It wasn’t even very expensive (13 franks) but it’s just the fact that I won’t be able to buy it again so I use this perfume very sparingly. The actual scent of the perfume is sweet and fruity and basically the smell of me, if anyone can find this please tell me, because I don’t want it to EVER run outL.

The final three items are very random, especially this one; I have been loving oat milk recently; I discovered it through my sister who is a bit of a crazy health women. I was drinking hazelnut milk but Alpro actually put a lot of crap in there milks to make it sweet and tasty. So I went looking for a healthy alternative and came across this brand, which I can't remember the name of, but it uses only natural ingredients and is actually really tasty. I seem to be rambling again, oh dear. This milk has done magic for my skin and my body in general, I just love it.

If you don’t like art or are not interested in me going on about pencils then just scroll past this one, if you are then *high five*. I found these pencils in Paperchase (a stationary store, just in case you’ve been living deprived of stationary) and they weren’t cheap to say the least (£25 not cheap) so I got the smaller pack and loved them so much, but I got those about two years ago and they are little stubs now, so I asked for some for my birthday and I know have these bad boys. The colour in them is so good and they last really well, I would DEFINATLEY recommend them.

I want to talk about two items of clothing next one is a pair of shoes and the other is a pair of jeans, and took them both skiing with me because they are so, so, so comfy to wear. I bought the shoes from office in the sale and the jeans from urban outfitters and they were both really great purchases.

That concludes my post, and as it turns out I am now back from skiing and it was so, so, so, so, so great I met the loveliest people there I just want to go back, as it turns out I (Octavia) am posting the post, but oh well Molly read it, so she helped. I hope you all had a great Easter.

Love Tavi xxx

p.s if you were wondering why they photos have very different lighting and different flowers it's because they were taken at different times.