Monday, 4 May 2015

Everyone is Awkward

Hellooo, today it is Molly writing for you.  I'm so sorry I haven't written in ages, but I was away on holiday (Shetland and the Highlands, with a little bitta Orkney and Aberdeen in between - more on that in another post) and then I was busy, and then I didn't know what to write...

So my birthday was last week. I was pretty excited, because, 1) I knew for a fact I had an iPhone coming my way, and 2) because ya know, who isn't excited for their birthday... But I'm also kinda shy (oh, the horror of being sung HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU in front of people) so I told like my three best friends, and no-one else knew.

Well, I was a bit too excited, maybe, because what happened was it was raining, my iPhone (which was second hand btw) was listed as "a replaced product" on the Apple IMEI website thingy, and had to get sent back, and my school changed the stupid uniform code, so my shoes were now "inappropriate for school wear" - my school shoes were black and white vans; hey, now I have these, but still. Plus it was a Thursday, and on Thursdays I have athletics. Then Physics. It's a hard life.

I don't know if I just wasn't in the mood or not - I swear my friends were more excited than me - but my birthday just kinda made me feel all introverted and glum. Other things happened too, but they were all little things like the Co-op didn't have butterscotch Angel Delight, but only strawberry. I spent most of the evening wandering round with my cat, sighing at things.

Yeah, well, everyone has off days, I guess.