Saturday, 9 May 2015

how-to origami lotus with molly... ;)

Heyy, its Molly today. Sorry I didn't post for ages, I was on holiday - nowhere sunny, just Shetland, Orkney and the highlands, well jell of anyone who has a tan btw - I'll post the pics from that another time, but since I've done a lot of photo posts recently, I'm going to do something a little bit different today.

So today I am showing you how to make an origami lotus flower! A friend was doing this about a week ago, and so now I'm making these all over the place...

Here's the finished result!

You will need:-

Paper - now I used origami paper, which you can buy here and here, (just a few examples I found; there's tons of this on the internet in lots more designs) but you can just use normal paper if you don't have any. The only thing is that the paper will need to be perfectly square for this to work.

This paper is blank on the back....

Step 1 - Fold the paper diagonally from corner to corner, (if your paper is one sided, fold the blank side on the inside to show the design when its finished).
Be careful not to fold it horizontally like I did when I was distracted by singing LIVE FAST DIE YOUNG BAD GIRLS DO IT WELL heheh M.I.A not that I'm a bad girl cos I'm really not. Oh well.

Step 2 - Fold the corners in.

You've probably done this before if you've made fortune tellers, and if so, then you got the next few steps sorted. But if you haven't, then just make your paper look like it does above. When I was little and making fortune tellers, I used to pretend I was making envelopes.

Step 3 - And again....

Step 4 - And one more tiiiiiime.....

Step 5 - Now flip this folded square over.

Ugh, you can see how squint I made this now......

Step 6 - Fold up the edges

Just sorta fold the edges half up...

So they look like this!

Step 7 - Flip it, flip, flip, flip, flip it like a polaroid picture!

Yeah, flip it again.

This is majorly wonky. Hopefully, yours will be straighter but if it isn't, then it'll still work.

Step 8 - Petal powerrr!

Fold the corners over, and repeat this until you reach the white back of the flower.

Step 9 - There is no step 9, congrats! You're done!!!!

Little bonus here, when I didn't post this, Tavi found it as a draft and.... yeah. Enjoy...

Step 1.

get frustrated and so you throw the paper in the bin

Step 2.

Eat a bar of chocolate, and get fat

Step 3.

Lose weight becuse you ate too much choclate

step $.

give up with loosing weight, chcoalte tastes good

step 6

tell molly you love her lots

step 5

but that you love tavi more ;)

I laughed sooooooo much. Byee

Molly xox