Friday, 22 May 2015

Life Update

As I sit here staring at the blue sky’s I realize that I haven’t done a blogpost in a lot longer than I would have liked to do one. I think that my mind has been so full of other stuff that I just forgot about this blog and how it used to comfort me and take me to a happy place where I don’t worry, it’s nice, give blogging a go if you don’t already.

I have also spent a lot of time thinking amount the past, yesterday I actually attended a primary school disco and I found myself almost crying, I'm not sure why, I just did. Sometimes I wish for the future but at the moment I crave the past and what it gave me and how it made me into the person I am today. I also, yesterday, wrote a little quote thing that I will always think off when I feel sad or not motived;

“On May 15th I had been alive for 4843 days and though I may have not have enjoyed every day there are still 25,107 left to savour and make incredible (if I live till 82)”

I just think that when all else fails you and the day is just going so badly just think how many more days there are in your life and of all the amazing days that you have lived. The very best ones, the ones that make you smile as you walk down the street, the beautiful, hilarious, happy days. Because those days are the strongest, the ones that will build a wall between you and the days when all you want to do is hide underneath a blanket and cry, the memory or those days will pull you out of bed on the bad days and make you feel happy.

On a less dense (I couldn’t think of another word except dense, I have an odd mind) note I also have a few photos that I took when I was walking with my older sister who is a photographer, check her work out HERE and HERE, I am positive you will like it, and we were just taking photos of random stuff, that was until she ran out of film and I ran out of battery, always bring spare film and charge your battery ;), oh how the modern and the old collide so beautifully. 

Note: I was looking for the photos and I found some photos that took a while ago in Scotland, I think they are just quick pretty so those are in here too (there the ones with the beach in the background)

I hope you like that bunch of random stuff, I felt like I should post since I haven’t posted in too long, I will write a proper post soon, it may be about flowers since I really like flowers at the moment ( I told you my brain is odd). I hope if it is your holidays that you have a nice holiday or that you have a nice bank holiday weekend, and if you have exams coming up good luck in those I am sure that you will do amazing.

Lots of love

Tavi xxx