Friday, 26 June 2015

Half a Post

Bonjour, Octavia has returned from the dead, well I was never dead, just my laptop was dead but we are quite similar me and my laptop. As a result of my laptop dying I lost all of the photos that I was editing I had spent about 3 hours editing only half of them and now I will never be able to share them with you, so I at the moment I am going to share the originals but I will update this post when I either get my laptop back or I finish editing the photos, which ever one is quicker. For now though enjoy browsing. 

I really hope you liked those photos personally I am not sure of them but they will do, I promise you I will update them soon. Anyway I am now off for a nice long run (my friend gets annoyed when I call my runs nice, she makes me laugh). Hope you enjoy your weekend, or whatever it is for you when you read this.
Love you all lots and lots

Octavia xxx (I forgot how to spell my name for a second there, whoops)