Thursday, 18 June 2015

Molly says hi

Today was a Thursday, and I'm hella tired. I stayed up all night on Saturday and I've been catching up on sleep since.  I would like to say that staying up talking till half 5 when you actually have to get up the next morning is a bad idea. It was my friend's birthday and she had me and three of my other friends over. We watched Mean Girls (because what else do you do at sleepovers) and I was kicking off an air bed by my starfish friends. So yeh, I slept on the floor.

So this week, my friend announced that she was leaving our high school, to go to a private school - after the summer. Me and my friends have a little quartet thing going on - it works really well. We balance out - one of my friends is really sporty, one is very smart and organised, one is funny and has like, amazing taste. I guess I'm the slightly weird, arty, emotional one with no coordination or organisational skills. But back to the subject. 

Well, one of them just announced she's leaving. We were just sitting in the cafeteria - I had a cookie and a hot chocolate, I remember. Then she just came out with it, grinning like a mad thing. The other two got very excited and started shrieking about opportunities and facilities. I kinda just started crying.

I am happy for her, but I'll miss her, so much. The school she's moving to is in the city, a bus and a train and a walk away. They have different holidays, longer hours and they work Friday afternoons, unlike my school. To top it off, my other friends have just joined a much more serious basketball team (they are majorly into basketball and so so good at it) that means they are busy Fridays too, plus Mondays (meaning I will walk home alone Mondays and Fridays) and a lot of Saturdays, for games. Also, let's clarify that I don't have too many really close friends at my school. Don't get me wrong, I have friends, but not really the kind of friends I can really call up and be like, hey, wanna meet up?

Ugh, just read this again - I sound really pathetic and waily. Oh well. I'm gonna go now, because I'm hungry, and I think I can smell food. Plus, my phone is hungry too, it's on 20% battery. Oops, 10% now. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't want things to change. When I was talking to my friend (not the one who's leaving) kinda freaking out and being upset about all this (see above) she just gave me a scarily wise look, and simply told me that people leave. 

Guys, be like my friend, and accept that people leave. She has the right outlook on life.