Sunday, 7 June 2015

On spiders

Hey it's Molly (as you have probably guessed heheh) and today I am writing this on my phone... Exciting stuff.

Anyway, yesterday I got my hair cut. I've had blue dip dye since Christmas, and I finally got that removed. This leaves my hair kinda short, see Exhibit A.
So there you go. I posted pictures of it on my snapchat and then I kept getting messages like, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIRRRRRRR OMGGGG".

Other stuff in my life right now is that I have a maths test on Thursday, and it's an assessment of like EVERYTHING we've done in the past two years 😓 and every time I start revising MY BRAIN FREEZES and haha, Tavi's gonna tell me off for overusing capital letters but oh welllllllllllll

So what are all you people doing this lovely Sunday? Today I am going shopping with some people (besties4lyf) and I have a lot of money and it will be fun. Just finished a phone call from one of my friends who wants to know the train times (she likes to be organised) and any "backup trains" we can get if there's an "emergency".  My friends are funny.

To be even more random, I am now going to discuss the topic of WHEN YOUR HOUSE IS FULL OF SPIDERS. 
So yesterday, there was this seven-legged spider on my stairs, and it wasn't that big but the thing that freaked me out about it was it had a really fat body. Not even kidding - this one had a booty bigger than Nicky Minaj (proportionally). And so when me and DA BRO had a hissy fit, my dad came and picked it up in his bare hands and chucked it out the window, onto the high street. And then this morning I found the EXACT SAME ONE IN MY BEDROOM. BOOM. LIKE, HOW DID IT EVEN GET THERE. MY BEDROOM IS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HOUSE FROM THE STREET WE CHUCKED IT ONTO.
And I'm sitting staring at it right now. 

Normally I'd just put it in a glass but *cowers in the corner* this one knows me, and I bet it's looking for revenge. 

Seriously tho, 😰😰😰😰😰. This is why I'm scared to touch the floor.

So bye. Have pity for me, trapped with an insect.