Friday, 17 October 2014

Apple and Cinnamon Cupcakes

My last baking blog post was a huge success and everyone lurved it, so I thought I would use my expert baking skills (not) to show you how to make yummy autumnal cupcakes, perfect with a good mug of hot chocolate and toasty slippers. I am warning you now I made this recipe up on the spot and when I made them they turned out fine but you never know I may have just got lucky. I have also for people who may not have made cakes before put lots of lovely pictures in to help you, now let’s get baking and enjoyyyyyyyyyy.

You will need:
-for la gâteau (cake in french)-
3 eggs
150g butter
150g flour
150g light brown sugar
3tsp cinnamon
2tsp bicarbonate of soda
-for the fillings:
1 apple
50g caster sugar
3tbsp water

this is the difference between the two sugars just
in case you wanted to know xxx

 Before mixing anything you must preheat your oven to 180°C, line your tray with cupcake cases - not muffin cases like I did because then you can only make six -  but cupcake cases. So now we are all prepped and you have obviously washed your hands and are wearing an apron with your hair tied back ;) ;) we can start.

Put your sugar and butter into a bowl and beat until creamy and fluffy.

 Now add your egg, one at a time, beating well after each egg. It may curdle but just add some flour and it SHOULD turn out fine in the end.

mine was a bit curdled but it turned out fine in the end

La next thing is to sieve in the flour, cinnamon and bicarbonate of soda into the bowl and carefully fold it all in. It will now smell very yummy and yummy like a very yummy cake mix.
after everything was added it look like this, yummy scrummy

Now add the mixture to the CUPCAKE cases and bake in the oven for 15 mins or until golden brown and not gooey when you stick a skewer in the cupcakes.
before I put them in
after I took them out the oven

Now to make to apple purée, to actually put this inside the cake you will need an icing bag but you can always just put it on top xxx. 

First of all cut and peel your apple into little chunks about the size of a conker (*talking to myself* I'm way to autumnal, you can’t measure things in conkers Octavia).

 now add the apple sugar and water to the pan and heat on a medium heat until the apple is all squidgy, when you first start it may not seem like enough water but just bear with it, I promise it will work.

 Now either add the apple to the icing bag and pipe it into the cupcakes like shown below, or just put a little dollop on top, either way it will be yummy scrummy.
if your still unsure just comment below and I'll help you xx

I reckon my cakes turned out pretty well, but if you make these I want to see them so send them to me through any of my social media links down the side and maybe even give me a sneaky follow ;) ;) (little bit of self-promo there), I hope you’re having a fab day and will attempt to follow my recipe to make these, but for now I shall leave you with some photos of my creations, loves ya byeeeee xxx