Friday, 24 October 2014

Society Today...

I felt like writing a bit of a different blogpost today, so I am going to write about happiness and sadness and being unique. They may seem like very different subjects but there are many links and they broaden over the main topic of today’s blog.

When I set out writing a blog I was looking for adventure but also I was looking to inspire people, and make them think outside the box and I love how people in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can all read my blog even though I am here in Britain so many miles away. That is why I felt like I wanted to write this blog post and put my thoughts out there as I have an audience who will listen.

When people say “are you happy?” generally you will say “yeah I’m good thanks” even if you aren’t happy, so why do we do this rather than telling the people that you are not ok. I’ll tell you why, it’s because in today’s society if you are feeling sad so many people will hate on you saying "Oh you’re doing it for attention or that you need to 'man up'". When in reality, those people need to get over it because if people are preventing you from being happy that’s not going to make you happy, that is going to hurt you. In today’s society people need to learn that it is natural to feel sad and that most people are actually sad all the time, whether it’s a big sad or a little sad.

Some people also have a tendency to say “what are you looking so happy about” are they saying that we aren’t allowed to be happy and that we just have to feel neutral all the time, or that its fine to be happy as long as you don’t show it because that is not correct and is wrong feelings may be inside of you but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them on the outside.

The final thing I would like to talk to you about is being unique, because as people society makes you follow a crowd even if you don’t mean to. You know that top or skirt or even food you bought last Saturday someone influenced you to get it, maybe some people did just see it and fall in love but a majority of people will without knowing it follow your friends. Think of a situation where you say “oh I like this top” but your friend says “nah it’s horrible”. Most people would change their opinion and say “oh yea actually I don’t like it” when that are only saying that to please someone. So why do we do this, why do we copy people and become something we’re not? My guess is because today everything you do you will want to please someone (generally) and when you change your opinion it is to make them happy, but if they are your friend’s they will be happy anyway even if you tell the truth. In life we need to become more like individuals than followers.

My pure inspiration for this blogpost was Jacksgap and Connor Franta, there videos have changed a lot in the past year but now I love how there videos take me to a new place a place I wish existed. This place is amazing because it makes me want to dance to school, draw all over my exercise books and be the unique person I am without society making me a suite of cards.

Thank you for reading. I am currently personalizing my name and background banner so you should see some change soon. I also have a 1,250 word book review would be interested in it or not, let me know how you feel about this topic and what you want to see more or less of on my blog.