Sunday, 6 December 2015


Haloo (hello in Finnish) today you very lucky people will get two blogposts, 2 for the price of 1, because I am incapable of writing one post a day. Today I went for a lovely walk on the hills but my camera is still broken, because my mother dropped it in a river, so I couldn’t take any picture :( life ist nicht so gut. Anyway instead I am going to share some of my favourite photos from this year with you, If you have been here since forever and have read all my posts (which is no one) then you will have seen most of these but for all of those who haven’t here is my here in photos.

Well, well, well I hope that you enjoyed that and I also hope that there where not too many, that seems to be a bad habit of mine.

I shall see you in one posts time which may come out anytime between now and tomorrow ;).
For now Hyvästi (goodbye in Finnish)
Octavia xxxx