Thursday, 10 December 2015


नमस्ते (hello in Indian) How are you all? Today I have been to ballet and I have also done 30 lengths swimming, but this week is nearly over so I guess that is an upside. I’m going camping this weekend and everyone thinks I am mad to go camping in December but I am actually looking forward to it, and it’s not actually looking to cold I think it’s going to be 7°C so I will survive at least. I also have to tidy my room so that’s gonna be a bore (does anyone want a Christmas room tour?). Today I want to talk about Christmas day and what I do on Christmas day…

o   1 am- get in from midnight mass and go straight to bed
o   4-5 am: get woken up my Naomi my little sister
o   6-7 am: have to get out of bed as my sister keeps shouting at me, I then remember it’s Christmas day and get really excited
o   8 am: go back to bed, it’s far too early
o   8.01 am: release I can’t actually get back to sleep so go and examine the haul of this year’s presents
o   9 am: get banned from the living from because me and my sister won’t stop shaking all the presents
o   10 am: pick out one of the 10 outfits I will change into today
o   11 am: discover I’m hungry and so ask when breakfast will be ready, then discover it’s another two hours and so eat a mince pie instead. Also realise my family has done to church without me
o   1 pm: eventually eat brunch
o   2-4 pm: PRESENT TIME
o   4 pm: go on a walk with all of the family
o   6-8 pm: EAT
o   9 pm: play games and do other fun things which I really enjoy
o   Midnight: realise it’s all over and be very sad so I’ll pop off to bed

Hope you all enjoyed that I now really need to pop off to bed or I might die of exhaustion

अलविदा (goodbye in Indian)
Octynawa xxxx