Wednesday, 2 December 2015


‘Ello there, how are we all. It is now the second of day of Christmas so there are now only 23 days left till Christmas day, eeek I’m so excited I actually can’t explain it. Everyone at school keeps telling me that it is still ages away but I’ve stopped listening to them, bring on the Christmas song, mice pies and ques for everything. In this post I am going to link some sites to find presents on as I know how hard it can be to find good sites. I will also do a few DIYs but later in the month, I think I really need to write a list of what all the post are going to be about. Anyway on to the post…

Etsy- If you don’t know what Etsy is than I am ashamed of you, not really, but honestly if you haven’t already go and check this out it is full of cool presents and stuff.

Romwe- I only recently found this site but everything on here is so cheap and would be great to get little stocking fillers for people

Soictey6- This place is amazing I love all of the prints that they do and you get such a big price range, from little stocking fillers to big under the tree presents

Redbubble- I found this site through Instagram and it just has lots of unique and cool bits and bobs to get for all those awkward people out there.

Your local store- If you’re not like me and you leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute just pop down to your local shop and they will probably have some chocolate or some nice smelly stuff

I hope that I helped you even just a little bit, hope you have had a nice day.

Love Tavi xxx