Tuesday, 8 December 2015


こんにちは(hello in Japanese)today has been very tiring and feel like I might fall asleep any second soon, honestly if this appears half typed its because I just want it to be the weekend, I’m having a “Urg I can’t be asked” week. My friends made me crawl under the stage in drama today, they’re all so mean to me it was dusty and I think I might have found a dead mouse. On a nicer note I got a B in my biology which is bad but a lot better than I expected. Anyway onto the post which is about (as I write this I have no idea but I’m going to have a shower and come back with a good idea).

I’m back 24 minutes later and I’ve accidently given myself a cut on my ankle, giving love to razor blades right now, not. As it turns out my shower did not help me come up with any ideas so I’m just going to give you a quite post about…

DUOLINGO- which if didn’t already know is a site aimed to help you learn languages and just generally make you appear clever. I use it to help me improve my French as it is not my strongest subject, but I do enjoy it which is what matters. Anyway back on topic; Duolingo helps you set goals and see how well you are doing with your French (I am currently 23% fluent and level 5, almost 6) so go have a look and I’m going to stop talking as I just looked up and saw that I am rambling *whoops*.

So of you go to learn a language and of I go to revise for a maths test.
さようなら(bye in Japanese)
Taviaa xxxx