Thursday, 17 December 2015


 Hylô (hello in welsh) how are we all? I have swum 1km today and it has left me very tired, I am ready to go to sleep any second now. Lucky there is only one day left of school then it’s the holidays so I have something to be excited about. Although I have no one’s present and it is a real issue as people will have got me presents but I won’t have got them presents, so that may be awkward.

Anyway I am going to get onto todays post, which is a very belated post as I was having a little scroll though my blog posts and I am 99% sure that I never shared my skiing photos with you and I had such a good time skiing it one of my favourite sports, probably my favourite actually. So here are my skiing photos from April 2015…

Well I hope you liked those there weren’t actually too many so that’s good, I remember when I used to post like 150 photos, I make myself laugh sometimes. I shall see y’all tomorrow after I have broken up for the holidays.

Hwyl fawr (goodbye in Welsh)

Taviaaa xxx