Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Dzień dobry(hello in Polish) I have just been climbing basically all evening and I’m now so tired and latterly want to sleep on my keyboard but I have mussed too many days so today I bring you a post. It may not make any sense but at least you get something. I want to write about scouts today because I am always doing stuff with them and go to a scout meeting 2 or 3 times a week plus the weekends sometimes, so I feel like I should share with you why I love scouts so much.

·         So I speak about this reason all the time but I have made so many new friends with scouts, I really want to do the world jamboree (a big scout meeting)because I love meeting new people who all have different perspectives on life and the way we look at things.
·         All of the expeditions that I get to do they are all so fun even though I get cold and wet I always have fun and the leaders put so much effort into the days to make them amazing.
·         It has given me so much confidence I will soon have to be young leader and help lead a group of small kids, which is so much responsibility but I’m still excited.
·         I can be myself not pretend to be some super girly girl or pretend to like things I don’t, not that I do that much, but I think to is important to feel confident in yourself and scouts has really helped me do that and helped me develop as a person
·         And most importantly it is where I have the most fun I get a weird hangover after scout camps where I feel really down and upset that they’re over.

I don’t know what else I can say to make you want to join scouts but really just do it you will not regret it, EVER. My experiences that I have with scouts will last with me for life and will probably be be a leader when I am older, it just has this lovely vibe around it which I never want to lose.
Anyway I shall see you tomorrow for a picture post xxx

punkt zdobyty fuksem (Goodbye in Polish)