Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogmas Day 1- Feel the Power of Love

Heyyya, how are we all? Good I hope.  Today is the first of December do that means that I should start Blogmas, right? Given this year’s track record of blogging I’m not sure how successful this will be, but hopefully it will work. I am currently listening to everyone’s of John Lewis’ Holiday advert songs and they are all so good. I am trying my best to not get too excited about the Holidays but honestly this month coming up is going to be such a good month. Leading up to the Holidays I am doing something every weekend, but I will tell you about those when the time comes. At the moment let’s just take a moment to appreciate the world around us and be happy for all the people that we have been thankfully blessed with.

In Britain we don’t have thanksgiving and it really upsets me because I have so much to be thankful for and so much that I take for granted so this post is dedicated to the things all of us need to be thankful for. We need to be thankful for the love that so many of have and so many of don’t have and if you don’t have it go exploring and find the love that everyone deserves. This last month I have met so many new amazing people and it has left my heart too large for my chest. I don’t think that I can explain how thankful and happy I am that I have this love, because I believe that without some sort of love whether it’s being love or feeling love and gratified for someone else everyone should have it, if I could give one present to everyone I would give them enteral love as I believe that if we gave them that then all the politicians would have respect for each other and I just think that a lot of problems that have happened recently could be solved if just fix the one problem of the missing love. So let’s fix this and this holiday try and give someone an act of extraordinariness and make some feel loved, whether it’s the old lady next door who spends their Holiday alone or that homeless man you see everyone on the way to work. Let them more than anyone else feel the power of love and I bet that you will too.

Hope you all had a fabby day, Happy Advent

Love Tavi xxxxxxx