Thursday, 3 December 2015


Bonjour, I am listening to Taylor Swift (just too Christmassy I know) and it has put me in such a good mood. I also have a really sore arm and a sore leg as I managed to fall on a wall, not off a wall I actually tripped up on a wall and stayed on it was a very scary moment *note to self don’t walk on high walls that have stones on them*. Back on the topic of this post I want to talk about religions and what I celebrate and what I do to celebrate my religion.

Personally I am a Christian and so I celebrate Christmas, to celebrate this we always have an advent candle counting down the days to Christmas, we also go to 3 or 4 choir services where we all sing Christmas carols. Me and my family also got to the Christingle service which is where we decorate an orange with a candle which shows Jesus as the light of the world, then have sticks with sweets which represent the four season and a ribbon that goes around the middle of the orange to show blood and of course the orange represents the world. I really enjoy this service as it is always quite fun. On Christmas eve we will go down to church at midnight for midnight mass which is just mass at midnight but it so special as everyone is in the Christmas spirit and you go in and it is Christmas eve and then you come out and it is Christmas eve. My family also goes to the Christmas day service but I’m never up for that.

 A Christingle
I want to know what your religion is and what you will be celebrating this holiday season, whether it is Hanukkah, winter or your family I want to know as it is always very interesting. Hope you’ve had a nice day.

Love Taviii xxx