Monday, 1 December 2014


Heyyylo, there people of the world, me (Octavia) and Molly have decided to treat you lovelies and do blogmas, so that means we will be posting a blogpost everyday up till Christmas eve. We will alternate each day so today I am writing a blogpost so tomorrow molly will be writing the post. 

We do have some idea but all other ideas will be welcome.
This post isn’t very Christmassy but I was away at the new forest for the weekend with my family and as per usual I had my camera and I just thought why not share my unusual photography with the internet, enjoyyyyyyyyyy xxxxxx

I hope you enjoyed that I took a lot of close up photos because I felt like people don’t observe the real beauty of nature, and that being the tiny details, such as the underside of a mushroom or the shape of the trees. I hope you are all looking forward to blogmas because I certainly am.
Love you all very much
Octavia xxxxxx