Sunday, 21 December 2014


Hello there people, how has your day been, I put my tree up yesterday and it now is beginning to feel like Christmas. My friend Elly helped me and so did my sister Naomi, and because they are silly and annoying ;) they have managed to get into my photos. I have gone for a red and white theme this year with a little bit of sliver and a tiny hint of gold. My house is beginning to get all Christmassy now and it makes me so excited, we are going to my granddads tomorrow so you may just have to hope really badly for a post on the 23rd. Anyway hope you enjoy observing my tree, see you on the other side.

So I hope you liked that, and I know molly has only just done hers but you can’t do blogmas without sharing your tree. We have a real one, as per, this year and we got it from Waitrose for £20 so if you haven’t got your tree yet Waitrose is the place to go. I am very proud of my tree, and I hope you like it too.
Love ya lots
Tavi xxxxxx