Monday, 29 December 2014

Just let me speak, ok?

Bonjour, Octavia here today, me and molly have spoken about when we will post and I think we decided on me on Monday and molly on Thursday which suits me and here quite well. Knowing me I will end up posting whenever as my life has very little order or direction, but I will try to stick to this for everyone else’s sake.

I am ill, so I am in bed listening to Ed Sheeran, but I felt like doing a spontaneous blogpost, I’m not really sure what to right about life I suppose, after all that is what topic suits me best when it comes to rambling, so read on to hear me ramble on about whatever comes to mind as I write this.

I hope that you all had a good Christmas, I did to a certain extent, I do love Christmas but think as you get older the joy and excitement is lost from it, well at least I feel that way. My sister woke me up a 6am maybe 5am and I just told her to p*ss off. I did say sorry later but I just wasn’t excited for Christmas. Anyone else feel like this?

So I shall not be doing a “what I got for Christmas” post just because I feel like it is showing off slightly and also I don’t know where I’ve put half my presents. However I did get girl online by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella and I want to address all the “hate” as you could put it towards her for this book. If you watch her videos and read her blog the just by reading this book you can see so, so many of the ideas where her own. My dad actually said to me before it had come out “don’t you think it will be ghost written” I replied with “um no” because I am quite a big Zoella fan and I couldn’t imagine her doing that, then it came out that it was and I was more shocked than surprised but then I realised the logic. She’s 24, leads a busy life how she could find space to write an 80,000 word book. I don’t think it’s wrong but I think that it is wrong that she implied that he had wrote it when actually she had just helped to write it. What I think is even worse is how much “hate” she got of it, I mean give her a break people you try writing a book it is hard. I think what she did was quite bad was bad, but how some people treated her was 10 times as bad.

On a more positive not I am going to try and start doing more running, every morning I’m going to give a go at running on the hills, I went with my sister once and felt really good the whole day, maybe that was just the coffee, who knows but I found that running is actually quite fun and makes you feel good about yourself because you have actually done something. Give it a go, it won’t hurt you (too much) and you never know you may discover a whole new person.

I feel like I’ve rambled enough, what do you want to see here next year I’m gonna do more baking, probably another room tour and I’m going skiing so I can take you with me, and I’ll probably do some walk photos.

Hope you all have a really fabby new year.

Octavia xxx