Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Hey there, its Octavia here hope you liked molly’s post yesterday, today I am going to be showing you my Christmas room because I showed you it in autumn so I thought I would show you my room Christmastides. I do like my fairy lights A LOT, I mean A LOT A LOT, I currently have 7 sets of fairy lights and I feel like I might need to stop there. I picked up some sticks on the way back from school, because why not, and decorated them with mini fairy lights and baubles, hope you love this post because I spent about 3 hours tidying my room all for you xxxxxx.

gone for the classic keyhole look ;)

I really, really, really hope that you liked this blogpost because even though I have spent 3 hours tidying my room I do enjoy doing it (for some strange reason) and I love to share my perspective and style with you because that’s really what this blogs all about isn’t it. Love you all very, very much hope you are looking forward to tomorrow’s blogmas.
Lots of love
Octavia xxxxxx