Thursday, 11 December 2014


Hello my lovie bunch of gingerbread, I'm having a dilemma in that everyone is busy this weekend and I have got no Christmas present. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? Any way on another note of annoyance I have not had access to the computer until now and it is now 22:10, great so just a very very effortless post today and that is what I want for Christmas, so I hope you enjoy this little filler post xxxxxx

1. A really nice camera, the one I have at the moment is ok but I would love to get a really good camera, possibly a film camera, suggestions please xxxx

2. Some music I don't care what, well I do, but I would just like to be able to listen to good music when ever in top quality. 

3. Chocolate, I love chocolate so much, don't care what but I do love cadubrys.

4. A Jacks Wills gilet, won't be getting this because firstly I already have far to much stuff from Jack Wills and secondly it is way to expensive for a gilet, 

5. To be happy who I am and accept the person that I am without trying to be someone else.

Very short, very effortless but may I just say very calmly that it is TWO FRICKIN WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS. Hope you all had a fab day.

lots and lots of love 

Tavi xxxxxxx