Sunday, 7 December 2014


Bonjour, once again molly’s seems to have disappeared of the face of the earth so you lucky people are getting another post from me (Octavia). I am also a little short for time because I have been procrastinating very very badly today, so I am simply going to write some good Christmas films to watch because I watch elf yesterday and I thought you wonderful lovelies may like to have some Christmas films to watch when it gets cold outside and you just want to have a day in with your friends relaxing, because that’s what Christmas is all about really, right? So here are some fabby Christmas films to watch this Christmas. (That’s the 5th time I’ve said Christmas already)
t’s a wonderful life- in love this film I have it in black and white and also and colour and it’s just a beautiful Christmas film to watch.

Elf- words are truly not needed, if you have not seen this film it is a must, it always gets me in the Christmas spirit and even got me crying (but every film makes me cry, even Harry Potter)

Home alone - my older sister, Daisy, originally introduced me to this and I have loved it ever since, you really can’t go wrong with a bit of home alone.

Love actually – I watch this all year round no matter if it is Christmas or not I just love it so, so, so, so much, I love the way all the stories come together and make sense in the end, a Christmas must watch for sure.

The polar express – this film is just generally really cute and I love it lots and lots, the animations are really good too and it just brightens your day and gets you into the Christmas mood.

Nativity – I love this and it remains a strong Christmas favourite for me, I really need to go and see nativity 3 because well yes I just do.

I hope you liked this I haven’t really put much effort into this as it is already past ten so I need to sleep, I will make sure molly appears from where ever she’s got to today.  For tomorrow’s blogpost.

oh to be a Christmas bauble bauble 
Love you all so much

Tavi xxxxxx