Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Hello there, today it is Molly posting. I honestly have no idea how to write this, but here we go. Here is Blogmas No. 2, hope you enjoy!

Christmas Wish List

I need new headphones and I like these, they are not too branded, and things are over-branded a lot of the time. It annoys me.

Love these, I have these ones and they are amazing, so I want some more, only problem, they come from the US and need to get shipped across to the UK.

Ok, I know that no-one is gonna buy me one of these bad boys but I still want one.

Look! Makes me hungry...

5. 1989
Not a big present for my last one, but this. My personal opinion is that Taylor Swift is a genius. Just sayin'.

just a little sneek peak of tomorrows blogmas post xxxx

Ok, hope you liked that, sorry it was so short. I didn't have time to do a long one, ya know, stresses of life. Anyway, you can go check out our Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ accounts in the bar on the left hand side, and I'll see you soon! 

Molly x