Sunday, 14 December 2014


Molly is here again lalala. Today's post is on Christmas cards. In my family we make the best Christmas cards, and here are three designs we have used in the past. You can do them on plain white card or coloured card, they look cool both ways. Enjoy!!

Design No. 1: Six pointed star

For this one all you need is six different wrapping papers and some glue.
You start with cutting out six diamonds. You can lay them out in any order you want. Glue them down in the centre of the card with one corner pointing in, as above. Then just leave them to dry! You could also do alternating colours, like green and red, or you could glitter them up. These look really cool, and are pretty simple to make.

Design No. 2: Stencil tree

These ones are a bit different. For this one, you need to cut out a tree stencil - a rectangle with a tree shape cut out in the middle. For this one, you just need different colours of paint, a paintbrush, maybe glitter?
Start by laying the stencil on your card, and paint across. You can paint in stripes, stars, or whatever you want. Then you can sprinkle on glitter or put on beads as baubles.

Design No. 3: Sticker tree

These are my favourites, but also the most complicated. For each card you will need a tree shape, a box to go around the tree and some stickers. The stickers are just the type you can buy at stationary shops, the ones you put on calendars to remember dates. You can also get some yellow or gold star stickers, for the top of the tree. Oh, and you will also need glue.
Begin by sticking down your tree and rectangle. Then, quite simply, go mad with stickers. Put a star at the top and little dots down the sides. you could also line them up to make lights or tinsel.

Well, hope you enjoyed. See you laterrrrrr xx Molly