Tuesday, 9 December 2014


So a little bit of a different post, so I have had an amazing year and I have around 8,000 photo (maybe more) on my google photos and I was looking through them and the just reminded me of so many things and so I have spent ALONG time trying to narrow it down and I have now got 30 photos but they just brought back the most wonderful memories, and obviously I have had bad times this year but I just want to put those behind me so enjoyyyyyyyyyy.

Ok so this picture is from back in October and me and my bestie Elly were taking selfies (as you do) but well lets just say after worlds we were in fits of giggles. 
 This was at my Grandads house and I did do a blog post about it so go and find that, but it is just generally a good memory.
 this was back in January when we went for a walk on new years day in Scotland, with my brother his girlfriend (the two other people in the photo) my sister and some of my mums friends and I just remember that day really clearly.
 So this was actually quite recently and it was at my sisters going away chalet meal, and the other girl in this picture is my other bestie, Amber.
 Now this was also not to long ago and it was a scout weekend away and I just have some of the best memories from that weekend.
 Again this one I think I did a blogpost on but I can't quite remember, anyway it was just a really nice day I had with a friend from school.
 This is making me laugh so much because this was another photo shoot kinda thing with Elly and they always make me laugh.

 OOOOOO this was my first trip on my own to London so that was a good weekend.
 Yet again another Elly memory and this one was when we did a cake sale and we just had a whole bunch of laughs that weekend.
 Oh Amber I do love you, this was a sleepover where I got pranked by boys while I was still asleep (long story).
 this was a meal  had with my Grandad, please ignore my teeth this was before I got braces.
 Ahhhhh Haaaa this one, this was my 13th birthday party where I went to Wales for the weekend with about 10 friends and we just had the time of our life, ahh the good days.
 Heeeeheeee this one is of my sister and I got her to pose for me so I could do a photo shoot because why not.
 Oh my gosh this photo was when it was sisters 24th birthday so we went for a day out and got in strop and walked of and got lost.....

 This photo reminds me of what amazing sisters I have, this one graduated from uni with a 2:1 in photography, so proud of you Iona
 Oh yea then we stole the hat, because we can.
 At the summer holidays I went to Switzerland and stayed in a amazing hotel and this photo just reminds me of that so well
 this was when we went to a out door pool in Italy and it had the coolest slides ever and I honestly did not want to leave even though it was raining. 
 Well this was my first ever baking blogpost and felt so proud of it when so many of you commented such nice stuff on it.
 Ok so this a little bit of a weird one but this reminds me of when i posted this picture on Instagram  saying I was proud of it then this boy was like that's rubbish (I know him well) and for some werid reason this makes me laugh every single time I see this photo
 this just generally reminds me of all those photos of the sky that i have taken.

 When my parents felt like it was necessary to drag me and my sister up a glacier, not fun.
 that time when me and my sister decided to stand underneath a small waterfall because we could.
And finally this wast are last day in Geneva and it was such a good end to a great holiday so I shall end my blogpost with it as well, just after saying that I think photography is one of the most amazing powers in the world and I am so happy that I have that power to use it and even happier that I have the opportunity to share these photos with the world.

I hope that after this some of you will be encourage to do a similar blogpost or simply just look through your photos from this year.

love you all, Tavi xxxx