Monday, 15 December 2014


So today is not very Christmassy at all but my Mum brought a topic to my attention as I was taking pictures for blogmas day 13, and want to discuss this with you as  feel like it a matter that needs addressing.

For this post I was planning on doing “Christmas day outfits” and as I was just doing the second outfit my Dad said “Octavia I don’t mind you taking these photos, but I am not comfortable with you putting them on your blog as you look 16”. Now I understand where he is coming from but it just upset me so I went to my room and sulked (typical 13 year old), and my Mum came in and explained to me what my Dad meant.

What he was trying to say was (as my Mum explained it) that there are boys out there who can find blogs like mine and find you very attractive so “stalk” you, maybe try to message you, find out more about you until you may be left in a position where you feel emotionally uncomfortable.
Heard all this at school, or from your parents? They wouldn’t be looking after you if they didn’t tell you this. However I want to take a different view at this because everybody only ever takes on view and that view is your safety, and despite the fact that obviously I think safety is important, there are much more important undiscussed issues to have a little chat about so sit back and enjoy my little ramble.

As my first point I feel very strongly that it is wrong that I should be a target for this because I think that men in general do not get as much of this as woman, and the fact that my parents had to tell me this makes me feel like it is just me and also the fact that my dad just said what he said without any evidence makes me feel like it is the men that are more awkward about his kind of topic, even though it happens to both men and woman men are less willing to share this because of peer pressure and social media in the first place and so even though woman are pressured into not being able to share just whatever they like men aren’t judge on what they share but if something happens then they won’t share it they will just conceal it below them.

Another thing I want to talk about is the fact that women are pressured into doing this because of social media. Stupid social media that is the biggest bully out there, I mean these parents are telling their children to be careful what they post but how can they when 75% of the internet is made up of porn and boys willingly chat about everything, from that Snapchat they got yesterday of a girl topless, to how hot a girl is, and this makes young girls feel pressured to please a boy to make him happy to do what everyone else is doing. BUT THIS IS NOT OK IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM. Girls are not objects to get thrown around the internet without even a name. Girls are people, WE ARE ALL PEOPLE AND WE ALL DESEVRE TO BE EQUAL.

You will see I have used the word pressured a lot and this is because that what it is pressure, we are all under so much pressure to do stuff we don’t want to do.

Sorry for the more sincere post but it was needed to be discussed.

Thank you

Octavia x