Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Hi, Molly again. Today I have no idea what to write about, and as Tavi is not picking up (I've already called twice) I'm just gonna write a little random thing about snow.

So, even though I live in Scotland, as my town is in the south-east, it is not very snowy in the winter. Or at least, it snows, but doesn't stick, and even if it does, there is NO CHANCE of getting snowed in as I happen to live right in the middle of my town (EDIT FROM OCTAVIA- you also live in a flat so getting snowed in is going to be pretty hard (just saying ;))), in the busiest part. So, the snow that does occasionally fall (more like slightly frozen slush) has no chance of sticking.

I've spent most of my Christmasses praying for snow, which hardly ever comes. A couple of years ago, it snowed, so much school was cancelled for like three weeks. That was the year when Scotland "got Canada's snow" (I really don't know), and the only White Christmas I've ever had.

No idea. So random. Proper post on Thursday.