Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Oh my gosh, Molly again. Yes, I have re-appeared from the mountain of homework I was drowning under (maths and French revision, an English essay, science homework, and a script to learn for drama), and am writing this here bloggy post today. Octavia is probably extremely annoyed with me right now, as I have not been doing anything for the blog recently (sorry Octavia) but as I said, homework. So here is your Blogmas: Day 8 - Internet special!

Top Five Christmas Pins

1. Gifts in a tin - I love this idea and had actually thought about doing this for my friends so now I have an even better idea of what to do

2. "Some people are worthmelting for" - do I need word, sweetest idea ever

3. Sparkly D.I.Y cups - when I saw these I felt like I MUST include them because they would not only be the sweetest Christmas present but they would also just generally be cute

4. White chocolate and Oreosnowmen - more snowman themed stuff but snowmen and Christmas just go together like jigsaw pieces in my mind

5. Different kinds of hot chocolate - Mmmmm this looks so good, I am always looking for ways to spice up my hot chocolate and maybe I have found just the way.

sorry this is late I (Octavia) was just checking to see if molly had done the blogpost and turned out she had started it but not finished it (and it wouldn’t be blogmas without a late post) so I kinda changed her original idea because I had no idea what she was talking about, but anyway I do love Pinterest and tomorrow I will make sure it is done that I have out lots of effort in because at the moment web both seemed to be a little bit snowed in with homework.

Love you all lots and lots

Tavi & Molly xxxxxx