Friday, 5 December 2014


Hey again lovelies, Molly today. So, in this post I am going to talk about what makes me feel Christmassy. I've had a lot of tests and things for school this week, but now that's all over, I'm allowed to be excited and here's a couple of things that get me into the Christmas spirit.

Number one on my Christmassy list is always frost. And ice. When we get into late November, the British mornings are frosty and the pavement becomes a total death trap. A fun death trap, though. I used to get so upset when the council put salt on the pavements to melt it. Like come on people, that was the whole point of actually going to school today - getting to slide around on the ice on the way there.

And baking, especially gingerbread. I remember making a gingerbread house a couple of years ago with Octavia and one of our other friends, and completely covering ourselves, my friend's kitchen and the gingerbread house with icing sugar. Good times.
And making a gluten free gingerbread house for one of our teacher's at Tavi's house, where we ate most of the dough.

Speaking of gingerbread, in Edinburgh, there is always a German market where they sell sweets, toys, clothes etc... And their gingerbread is the best. That's about as Christmassy as it gets. Near the German market, there is "Winter Wonderland", or in my words, the best place on Earth. There is a huge Ferris wheel (that lights up in the dark, it looks really cool) a "star flyer" (this massive thing that spins you round like 60 feet above the ground) which I've never been on, but I want to, and the cute little caterpillar ride (the only roller coaster I've ever been on). (And an ice rink, Molly you forgot about the ice rink, silly molly good job Octavia edits your work for you ;))

CINNAMON. Do I need words? 

I love it when the shops start playing Christmas music and putting up decorations in the windows. That's really nice, and it makes me want to buy things, which is probably the point, but oh well.

And then there's the smell of pine needles. In my family we always have a real Christmas tree (pesky needles everywhere) and I absolutely love the smell of it.

thought I'd put a little Christmassy picture here,
lots o' love Tavi xxx

Ok, that;s me for today. See you all again soon, Molly xx